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Banner Bank Routing Numbers: Retrieve Now!

In this advanced technological age, you can easily retrieve any sort of information you want via the internet. However, some people might find the idea of Banner Bank Routing Numbers daunting which is why this instructional guide will help you through the entire process, using various simple ways! Read on to retrieve your Banner Bank Routing Numbers today!

About Banner Bank

Found in 1980, almost more than a decade ago as the National Building Loan & Trust Association, Banner Bank maintains its offices in Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Washington, and California. Headquartered in Walla Walla, Washington; Banner Bank provides its customers with different kinds of loans such as agricultural, consumer, real estate, construction etc.

Making Sense of Routing Numbers

What are routing numbers you ask? Well, the U.S. Federal Reserve assigns particular sets of codes to each bank that is providing its services within the United States of America. The idea was given by the American Bankers Association and now a specific code is given to every institution that deals in finance. To distinguish between the multitude of banks, each one has a separate routing number which sometimes varies by state, depending on the bank.  

You can usually find your bank’s routing numbers printed on your checkbook, through a phone call to the customer services of the aforementioned bank or by trying to locate it according to the region in which you live. We will carefully examine all three methods so you can choose your favorite and use that!

The Checkbook Method

Banner Bank allows its customers to verify their Banner Bank Routing Numbers by using a check to retrieve information about both their account number and Banner Bank Routing Numbers. To locate this information printed on the bottom-left side of the paper, simply identify your account number and look to the left. You will find a series of numbers printed to the left of your bank account number. This constitutes the Banner Bank Routing Numbers that we are looking for.

The Phone Call Method

Dial 800-527-6435 to contact the helpline at Banner Bank. A customer care representative will be there to address all your inquiries and walk you through the process of finding your Banner Bank Routing Numbers. This service is available 24/7, for all days of the week just to ensure that their customers can access all sorts of account information at all times.

Universal Banner Bank Routing Numbers

The universal routing number for Banner Bank is 323371076. You can use Banner Bank Routing Numbers to make deposits or resolve any other manner of banking matters.

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