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First Premier Credit Card Review

If you have been looking for a secured option after a horrifying credit card journey, First Premier credit card is for you. This credit card is for people who have been struggling with getting back on road after bad credit history. The First Premier credit card is designed as one of the very few unsecured credit cards, allowing its users to be able to skip the deposit. Despite having a complex fee structure, this credit card is safe for you to get started with building a credit repute.

Features of first premier Credit card

Credit Card Name                                        First PREMIER® Bank Credit Card

Card type (considering a decent one)     MasterCard

Annual fee                                                    depending on the previous usage can be Up to $125

Purchase APR                                                Is a fluctuating 36% variable

Balance transfer APR                                   No

Cash advance rate                                         36% variable

Cash advance fee                                           $6 or 5% of the cash advance amount, whichever is greater

Foreign transaction fee                                3% of the transaction cost

Interest-free period                                       27 days

Late payment fee                                            $39

Returned payment fee                                  $39

Additional cardholder fee                              $29

Do not be intimidated by the costs and fees mentioned here. This credit card might seem like an expensive shot. However, if you have been having a hard time in maintaining your credit, then do know that your overall costs for the First Premier Bank credit card is significantly less as compared to others on the market.

Given what you would pay for to take out your payday loans after a year, this card will cost you much less. This is great news for people with bad credit history.

What are the additional features of the First Premier Bank credit card?

  • If you have a very low credit score, it is often very hard to get a card on your name issued all over again. However, with first premier card, you can get the card approval on score as low as 300. Even in some cases where the credit score might be even more poor.
  • If you enroll in online statements within first 30 days after opening your account, you can receive bonus cash. You can get a $10 statement credit.
  • This card will help you build your credit, as it reports to all three credit bureaus. So gradually with regular, on-time payments you can eventually improve your credit.
  • If you are willing to go for an extra-shot and pay some extra fee structure. In the long run you can save a big lot of your money.

What should you know about First Premier credit card?

  1. Keep a close eye on how you are spending money. Do not invest this card in interest rate or any other involved fees.
  2. Try avoiding any interest rate build up. To avoid such a situation what you can do is either pay your payments in minimum amount yet in intervals, or pay your balance in full cycle. Make sure you catch up on the due date in time to avoid any further consequences.
  3. Have your account in good-standing. This can qualify you further for other credit cards with lower fees and lower APR.

The first premier bank credit card is a great option for those who are getting out of loan cycle and trying to build their credit.

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