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Fidelity Routing Number: Here’s How To Confirm Yours!

Finding your way through the intricacies of finance and its jargon can be pretty tough especially when it comes to routing numbers. Fortunately for you, this article will make the journey ten times easier for you by not only sharing some efficient ways of confirming your Fidelity Routing Number but also by clearing common misconceptions about routing numbers in general. Go ahead and discover for yourself how easy it is to understand banking once you get what routing numbers mean!

About Fidelity Investments

Also simply known as Fidelity, this multinational financial corporation is located in Boston, Massachusetts and was established 72 years ago. This banking company serves clients worldwide and has been ranked as the fourth largest company by asset management as reported in 2017.

Learn More About Routing Numbers

The concept of ABA/transit routing numbers is interesting, to say the least. The origins of this idea can be traced back to the start of the twentieth century, first proposed by the American Bankers Association. The thought behind this was simple; how to conveniently classify the banks that process different transactions per minute. The answer was a stroke of genius; they decided to specify different codes to the banks in order to identify it by simply processing this code. This code is now what we know as a routing number!

Remember not to mix your account number with Fidelity Routing Number as both are vastly different; both in structure, significance and use.

The Power of Your Checkbook

Never underestimate the power that your checkbook holds when it comes to many banking matters! Confirming your Fidelity Routing Number is very easy to do if you simply open one of your checks and start to look for a set of numbers that are printed on the bottom side. You will soon notice your account number; if you look to the left, you will see a separate sequence of nine numbers that is your Fidelity Routing Number.

The main difference between your Fidelity Routing Number and your account number is simply that the routing number always constitute of nine numbers while the length of the account number varies according to your bank, but mostly ranges from ten to twelve numbers.

Confirm Fidelity Routing Number via Contact Number

Another very fast method of confirming your Fidelity Routing Number is to make sure that you try to reach the helpline at Fidelity Investments; you can avail this service by entering your username and password on the dial pad during the call. Reach Fidelity Investments at 800-343-3548 to confirm your Fidelity Routing Number.

Confirm Universal Fidelity Routing Number

The quickest solution to your problem is to keep this article at hand and use the universal Fidelity Routing Number that is 101205681 to ensure smooth transactions at all times. Make sure that you either remember this number, keep a check in your bag to take along with you or use your phone to make sure you have access to this information.

Help spread the word about Fidelity Routing Number and make sure no one else feels confused about it by sharing this as much as you can with everyone you know!

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