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OpenMyPremierCard: Benefits of First PREMIER® Bank Payment Application

It is so good for the customers to know that First PREMIER Bank has approved the First PREMIER Bankcard (OpenMyPremierCard). They provide you with damaged credit and a second chance to obtain credit.

It is through the use of a credit card. First PREMIER® Bank Payment Application (OpenMyPremierCard) will report all cardholder payment information. And, it will be reported to the major consumer reporting agencies.

As we know that Sears is an American retail store chain. It has a history of more than 25 years. And, it was created in the year 1886. They are almost in 800 locations across the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

They have a variety of products that are ranging from clothing to jewelry. Sears Credit Card is issued by Citibank.

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Open Your Premier Card

Step by step guideline to order First PREMIER® Bank Payment Application (OpenMyPremierCard):

Here is step by step guideline to place the order of the card. To start the steps you have to go and visit the official website of First PREMIER® Bank Payment Application (OpenMyPremierCard) and that is

Read all the details before you start the signing up process. There will an option of “Register Now”. Once you will choose to click on the option Register now, you will be sent to another page.

They will open you another page, where you have to fill in that application page.

Be ready to give your personal information. Once you will continue, the registration will be done. You will receive a confirmation on your number or e-mail address.

They have a FAQ option on the homepage to answer all your queries related to the opening and activating your MyPremierCard.

Benefits of having an online account for Open Your Premier Card:

Open Your Premier Card

Here are some benefits of using online account First PREMIER® Bank Payment Application (OpenMyPremierCard).

  • Advanced notice for knowing the sales
  • Online account management
  • Monthly savings and special financing offers
  • including 24-hour assistance with Lost and Stolen Card Reporting

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