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Prudential Routing Number: Three Methods to Try Today!

Have you been looking for the perfect methods to check your Prudential Routing Number? This article is just for you! Not only will we help you in your mission to find the Prudential Routing Number but will also give you some intriguing information about the corporation itself, allowing you to learn more about your favorite bank! Be prepared to be blown away by these easy tricks that’ll help you a long way in the future when you wish to make deposits again!

About Prudential Financial

Prudential Financial was established 143 years ago in 1875 and is now headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. As a financial corporation that has been active since more than a decade and is both a Fortune 500 and a Fortune Global 500 company, it uses the Rock of Gibraltar as their iconic logo to stand witness to their success since the bank was first found.

What are ABA/routing/ transit routing numbers?

Routing numbers are known by many alternative names; some of these names are ABA numbers or transit routing numbers. Many people seem to assume that all these are somehow different numbers, however, you should know that all these versions of the same word simply refer to this sequence of highly specific and individual codes that are provided to each bank by the Federal Reserve so that it’s easier to monitor the vast network of banking companies that work all over the country.

ABA/routing numbers are meant to distinguish between the thousands of institutions that are involved in the banking sector and are part of an intricate system that ensures maximum efficiency.

Use Checkbooks to Confirm Prudential Routing Number

Ever confirmed your account number using a checkbook? Of course, you must have! It’s the most commonly known method to detect information directly related to the account you own. However, have you ever heard of using a check to determine your Prudential Routing Number? That’s right! Simply flip the checkbook given to you by Prudential Financial and examine one of the checks as if you were looking for your account number.

Now shift your gaze to the left. Immediately, you will notice a set of nine numbers in total that seems to have no link to your bank account. This is the Prudential Routing Number that you have missed almost all the time whenever you used a check. You can now use this in a number of financial activities.

Use Your Phone to Confirm Prudential Routing Number

A quicker method of determining the Prudential Routing Number is to call Prudential Financial at 1-800-PRU-HELP (778-4357). This helpline will be available to you from Monday to Friday 9 am to 10 pm and from 10 am to 7 pm and 11 am to 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Just ask the representative to confirm your Prudential Routing Number and assistance will be given immediately.

What is the Universal Prudential Routing Number?

In the event that neither of these methods seems to be working out for you, don’t hesitate to use the universal Prudential Routing Number that is suitable for all matters related to banking. Note that this universal routing number is 236074509 and that this is only unique for Prudential Financial and cannot be used for transactions involving other banks.

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