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Simple Bank Routing Number: Keeping It Simple!

It’s very easy to slip into a mess of confusion when reading about banking and the many procedures that accompany it. To make understanding routing numbers easier for you and to help you find your Simple Bank Routing Number, we’ve dedicated this article solely to erasing your confusion!

About Simple Bank

Simple Bank was found in 2009 by Joshua Reich, Alex Payne, and Shamir Karkal and provides only U.S. citizens with checking account insured by the FDIC. With headquarters in Portland, Oregon, Simple Bank has been part of the BBVA Group, one of the most influential banks based in Europe.

You can reach Simple Bank by calling at (888) 248-0632 to get more information about their operations in the United States.

Features of Simple Bank

Simple Bank was the product of a brainstorming session between founder Joshua Reich and his close friend, the co-founder, Shamir Karkal. Back when the bank was first established, banking procedures were very difficult to understand and involved a lot of unnecessary jargon, complicated processes which frustrated the public. What Reich and Karkal wanted to do was establish a banking service that aimed to help people understand banking and its significance in everyday life. So why choose Simple Bank?

  1. Simple Bank aimed to undo the complications that banking services employed in order to make their services more accessible to the people.
  2. Simple Bank wanted to be a service that everybody could utilize, whether it be a super-smart finance genius or a person who had no idea how to manage their money. The idea was to make their clients feel confident about their finances and improve their own management skills.
  3. The company wanted to shed the tradition of involving unnecessary, sometimes hidden fees for different services. It aimed to break through this and start an institution that communicated openly with its clients.
  4. The biggest aim of the bank was to make sure that everyone at the bank served to make things simpler and more understandable for their client which is why so many customers choose Simple Bank to manage their finances.

Finding Your Simple Bank Routing Number

Unlike many other banks, Simple Bank Routing Number is specific to each client and linked to your account number. You cannot access Simple Bank Routing Number unless you have your account number. To verify this, simply visit and login to your account using your username and password.

Once you’ve logged in, station your mouse over your account name which is located on the upper corner, to the right and a drop-down menu will show up; click on Account Number. Once you’ve clicked on account number, all information associated with your account, including account number and Simple Bank Routing Number will show up. This is the routing number you should be using in all banking procedures.

Simple’s Policy

You cannot use a checkbook to verify your Simple Bank Routing Number since Simple Bank does not issue one to its clientele. However, if you have access to the internet and remember your account log-in information, accessing your Simple Bank Routing Number will be a breeze for you!


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