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Bank of the Philippine Islands Routing Number: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’ve been searching relentlessly for a step by step guide to finding the Bank of the Philippine Islands Routing Number then you’ve certainly come to the right place! We’ll not only talk you through the entire procedure of finding this information but will entertain you with little tidbits and fun facts along the way! So buckle-up and start your quest for routing numbers now!

About the Bank of the Philippine Islands

Bank of the Philippine Islands was established almost 166 years and is the largest bank that operates within the Philippines. It ranks as the second and fourth largest company when it comes to assets and market capitalization.

It was first found in August 1851 and now has headquarters in Makati where it continues to serve thousands of people with their business acumen every day!

Verification via Checkbook

Your checkbook is the most significant of all resources that your bank provides you with! Apart from the obvious and apparent uses that a checkbook yields, you must note that all your account’s information will be printed on this piece of paper. If you’ve never noticed quite where the Bank of Philippine Islands Routing Number is located then don’t panic. Look closely at your check and your eye will be immediately drawn to the account number that is printed on the bottom. To the left of your check, you will also see a set of numbers that don’t seem to be a part of your account number – this is the Bank of the Philippine Islands Routing Number, located to the left of your bank account information.

It’s recommended that you keep a check, if not the checkbook, with you at all times in case you ever need the Bank of the Philippine Islands Routing Number. If you find the task too cumbersome then proceed to the alternative solutions listed in this article.

Verification via Call

If making a phone call is your preferred solution then what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and dial 00 632 891 0000 to access the helpline; you will be connected to a representative who will help you figure out the routing number immediately. This is by far the most comfortable way to have all your important questions answered without spending hours online.

Verify the Universal Bank of the Philippine Islands Routing Number

If you prefer a quicker method and need the information now, simply use 021000021 during all such transactions. If you’re using Paypal then use a separate Bank of the Philippine Islands Routing Number. Make sure you use 010040018 for your PayPal transactions and the universal Bank of the Philippine Islands Routing Number for your other purposes.

In order to make this information accessible to everyone make sure you spread it far and wide amongst your friends, colleagues, and family!

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